Video SEO: 5 Ways to Boost Your Video for Search

To reach the first chart on the website page, you need to boost the search engine result. There are some actionable, handy tips that we can do to achieve it. In today’s discussion, we will completely talk about SEO for video.

Before jumping further to the tips to boost your search engine result, have you ever heard about SEO video?

SEO video means optimizing search results for your video marketing. The most significant effect of SEO video is that your video will appear at the top of the search result.

Below are some tips to get your video at the top list of the search result.

Tips to Boost Your Video Search Result

Video SEO might sound like a daunting task that can easily make you overwhelmed. Don’t worry. It’s not that complicated. There are some handy, easy ways to boost your search results.

Just like any other SEO practices, you need to do keyword research for the title of your video.

A specific, and keyword-based title higher your chances to sit on the first page of the search result — especially on YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

Make sure you use keywords that have high-traffic. Long-tail keywords are great too. Some keyword tools like Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, etc can help you with it.

The right use of the hosting platform depends on the purpose of your search engine optimization.

If you want your video to be at the top of the search engine result, uploading your video on Youtube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion will be reasonable solutions.

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It will be useful if you can provide a clear description of your video so that the viewers get a more precise explanation.

In your description, you can also put the link of your website or put your brand or product’s social media to lead your viewers to visit them.

Moreover, a clear description and explanation have more impacts on your video ranking.

To engage and tie more viewers to your channel, make sure that you design the thumbnail image and background as creative as possible.

Your creative and exciting thumbnail profile on the Youtube channel will bring a memorable impression for your viewers.

Your viewers will easily remember the way you design the thumbnail images of your channel page.

For the thumbnail, you can put exciting titles, proper arrangements of backgrounds or related images to represent the content of the video.

At the description line, you need to put a call to action to lead your audience what to after watching the video.

If they are interested in your products, lead them to buy it on your websites or links.

Further, to spread your video widely, you can add hashtags to boost the search engine rate.

Try to put concise hashtags that genuinely represent the entire content of the video.

If your video is about a beauty product, then you can make the hashtag to be like #bebeautynow, #spreadyourshine, or #startyourjourney.

The hashtags are made to enhance people’s interest and curiosity for related products.

Done well, the tips above help you boost your video’s search engine result! In the next discussion, I will ask you to view some videos that successfully hit the chart on the search engine result.

Some Great Video Examples that Hit the ROI Jackpot

Now, we will take a close view of some successful videos that nailed its SEO practices and successfully got millions of eyeballs.

This video creatively represents how girls feel ashamed when they have to poop on other places besides their home. The product is to handle the bad smell of poop.

The company brings up girls’ reality that they are afraid of being known for having a terrible smell while pooping.

The company creatively makes the story alive.

By using the concept of sitting on a toilet, Pou-Porri explains the reasons, steps, and also the advantages of using the product.

The video released in 2014 and successfully hit 42 million viewers. Customers are so eager to visit to get the product. As a result, this video wins both search engine charts and also return of investment.

Will It Blend? — iPad

Have you ever watched an experiment video before? “Will it blend” video is one of the interesting experiment videos on Youtube.

In their channel, Blendtec merely wants to introduce the strength of their blends to produce great chopping results of food, fruit, or any other beverages for dishes.

On the other hand, the way Blendtec promotes the product is unique!

They go far away from the blend’s comfort zone; they do not blend fruits or other beverages to prove the quality; they blend gadgets, marbles, brooms, etc.

On their videos, they successfully deliver the core message of the product, which is strength.

Showing drama on live-action is how TNT drama advertises their TV channel. The concept of the video is getting people’s reactions.

In the video, TNT Drama creatively encourages passengers to press a button.

After pressing the button, a bunch of dramas happens right in front of them.

At the end of the dramas, the TNT Drama crew draw a big banner saying “Your daily dose of drama” as the company slogan and putting a big TNT logo.

This act is the call to action that TNT drama provides for the audience to remind the viewers that they have daily drama dose.

This video shows a phone call in real-life action. Zoom points out problems that usually happen during phone and video meeting calls.

By pointing out problems on phone and video meeting calls, Zoom tries to engage viewers’ experiences while having a virtual meeting.

The video is very engaging and brilliant because Zoom puts a title that genuinely relates to the content of the video.

Moreover, the thumbnail picture of the video is set with a clear description of some people having a meeting.

By providing pictures of some people having problems while doing virtual meetings, Zoom shows that they understand and can overcome the issues.

Get Your Video on the First Page Today!

From all the tips and examples of the booming video above, now you can make your advertisement video to hit the first chart of search engine results.

What do you think about the tips and the examples above?

Do you think that your video will hit the search engine chart with our tips?

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