A Video Marketing Guide on Creating Epic Content for Social Media Platforms

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Videos have become a prominent medium to interact with the audience across the globe. Nearly 45% of viewers view videos on YouTube or Facebook for more than an hour. YouTube alone has almost 500 million hours of video viewership per day.


These numbers are rising day by day, increasing the viewer base every day. Easy access to the internet at affordable prices, use of smartphones, and social media have increased the video content’s consumption base.

A lot of varied online content is being developed for targeted audiences by businesses and brands.

Various tactics like — promotional content, blogs, stories, pictures, videos, etc., are being used. Out of these, video marketing has made a permanent place in the world of social media.

The amount of views gained has become the deciding factor in determining a product’s success or failure. Therefore, creating content for videos that catch the interest of the audience is becoming the top priority.

Video Marketing Tips For Out-of-the-Box Video Content

Meeting up with the audience’s expectations is not an easy task as you need to be well prepared and skilled for creating engaging video content.

You require basic tools such as money, toolkit, or video equipment and expertise in video editing.

Recent years saw a significant shift towards video content by online marketers.

Nearly 87% of online marketing firms give preference to video content.

Follow these video marketing guidelines to create epic content for your social media platforms:-

1) Set your goals

Unless you don’t set your goals for video marketing, you won’t achieve them.

You need to understand what your videos are going to succeed.

Are you looking for viewership?

Do you want to encourage viewers to buy your product?

Or do you want to increase your website traffic with the video?

Some brands use videos for only advertising purposes. They may start a product page and branch out to other social media channels.

Once you know your purpose, developing a strategy will become easier. You need to create a plan that can be used on social media platforms effortlessly.

2) Choose social media platforms you want to host your videos on

It’s time to decide on your social media platforms.

For Facebook, you need to keep a square format and add captions to your video. Use high-resolution video output for Facebook videos.

For YouTube videos, you need to add captions and subtitles. The first two to three seconds of YouTube video should be engaging. Use video descriptions and tagging features for ranking in SERP.

The Instagram video should be inspiring and captivating. Use the square format and focus more on the quality of the video. Don’t forget to use hashtags when you post your video on Instagram.

Twitter videos should be quick and entertaining. Humanize your videos and try to tell a story through Twitter videos. Keep the max length to 140 seconds.

3) Plan your video production carefully

Once you select your video type, you need to focus on the content production part.

If you have a content production plan in place, it will save your money and type both. You have many options for content and post-production.

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You need proper planning in content production, which includes:

Hardware and software

The first and foremost step is to capture video using a good set of equipment to shoot and record videos.

The tools used should be appropriately maintained and of good quality.

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Video editing: Hardware

Before shooting the video, you need to ensure that you have good quality hardware tools.

This will help in creating video content that has good picture quality and sound.

There are plenty of options in today’s digital era in the form of modern cutting-edge devices. Let’s look through the available options:-

  • Smartphone/ devices
  • Digital cameras
  • Recording tripod stands
  • Microphone

4) Invest in robust video editing software

When you’re done with shooting and recording video, then the uphill task of giving those dramatic cinematic effects comes.

Video editing is a whole new dimension that requires a lot of skill and a creative approach.

A well-edited video goes a long way in leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Many video editing software is available for your ease, like free, trial versions, or paid.

This software can help you add special effects and add captions, music, upgrading the quality, background noise reduction, and whatnot.

  • Smartphone software. Apple’s iMovie application is one such software that comes with Apple devices which has an interactive interface allowing you to edit videos with multiple options.
  • Window-based software. You can try Lightworks, Windows Movie Maker, Openshot, HitFilm Express, etc.
  • Mac-based software. Just like Windows, Mac also has its own set of video editing software. Some of these can work on both Windows and Mac platforms. Examples are WondershareFilmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, DaVinci Resolve, etc.

5) Consider using social proof

You can use social proofs to increase conversion rates, build credibility, and trust. You can keep a tab on it by checking through comments, reviews, and votes.

It is the best way to show people that your video is engaging and informative. If you offer services, you must provide video testimonials as that will increase trust among your viewers.

6) Optimize the video for more conversions

You must optimize your video for better conversions.

You need to incorporate a call to action in your video. Define the best publishing time when you can share your video on different social media channels.

The more views you will get, the more traffic you will receive on your website. Make your videos interactive and engaging.

Creative videos always stand out from the rest of the videos that are posted on the internet. Create short and simple videos. If you create long videos, no one will watch them.

7) Maximize the reach of your videos

Once you post your videos, you need to concentrate on maximizing the reach. You need to engage with your viewers and ask for their feedback and opinion.

You can run live videos on Facebook if you are launching a new product. It will give you a direct opportunity to engage with your viewers.

Pay to promote your video initially. You don’t need a big budget, do it to increase your subscriber’s list.

8) Analyze the performance of your video

Your work does not end once you post your video on different social media platforms.

You need to constantly measure the investments you make in video marketing campaigns so that you can reach the right people.

Use Google analytics to mine valuable data regarding the performance of your video content. Video analytics lets you track the key performance indicators: View counts, Clicks, and Conversions.

Measure your brand awareness based on views and the number of shares.

9) Research & keep a tab on the kind of content trending

The world of video marketing broadly defines three types of content based on which videos are made. These are as follows-

  • Informative
  • Motivational
  • Entertaining

Paying closer attention to customer feedback is essential in shaping your promotional content.

The comment section on social media platforms is a good way of knowing the pulse of the audience.

Find crucial cues from the comments that will give you an idea of what is liked and what is not.

Summing Up

Video marketing is a growing industry for creating digital content that helps in expanding your business online.

The marketing world’s shift to videos proves the power of sound and picture in tapping the audience.

When sold through the mode of video content, the brand or the product leaves a lifelong impact on the mind of the consumer.

Therefore every big business organization invests a lot of money and time in creating video content that captures the target audience.

Since the popularity of video-based online content increases, this market will only flourish and innovate in the coming times.

Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey. We provide an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook and other social tools on the web.

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