Why Do You Need Customer Onboarding Videos?

A quick answer: to help your customers understand your product or feature better.

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For many marketers, explaining your product’s services/features effectively for new customers can be the most difficult task.

You have done various marketing strategies but your new customers still get confused — and your churn rates remain high.

If that happens, you should try this method called customer onboarding videos.

Then, what are customer onboarding videos?

Onboarding itself means a method that emphasizes educating the product’s services/features. Not only that but also build value and get retention from the customers.

In this case, you use videos as a medium. This method is popular and applied by some companies such as Uber, Sphere, Lifeworks, etc.

Why Do You Need Onboarding Videos?

Here are some reasons you need to use this method and how it brings benefits to your business.

Welcome a New Customer

Imagine yourself meeting new people. One of the reasons why you decide to know them more is from their first impression.

You can apply to introduce your product’s services/features.

So, when new customers visit your website for the first time, greet them with message videos to indicate how thankful you are for their visit.

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Make onboarding videos with eye-catching animation/design with simple messages yet impactful. Involve some people on your team to greet the new customers.

You might as well put a simple explanation about your company and products.

This way, you give the impression that you care about their needs and are ready to help anytime.

Promote Your Product in the Easiest Way

Based on a survey by MotionCue, 59% of people prefer watching a short video compared to reading text descriptions to understand a product or service.

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Videos are considered a quick and easy way. It helps your customers understand your product’s service/features better.

Simple videos also shorten your new customer’s time to know more about your product’s services/ features.

Pay attention to time, design, and words on the videos. Don’t make the new customers feel bored with a video/ explanation that they choose to leave your website.

Reduce Customer Care Cost

One of the problems with explaining your product’s services/ features is avoiding the same questions from the new customers.

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If customers keep asking the same questions, it will affect the cost of customer care.

This thing is also a tiring task for workers who have to pick up the phone or email.

By onboarding videos, you can reduce the cost by putting some common questions with the answer.

Make sure that your answer can satisfy the new customers.

Building Values

Not only to explain your product’s services/features, But you can also use onboarding videos to explain its values.

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Just a simple explanation why your products can make their life easier.

Make it clear and straightforward. The right explanation will make your new customers more satisfied and keep them purchasing more of your products.

Don’t make them disappointed with the fact that your products are meaningless for their life.

Where to Put Your Customer Onboarding Videos?

Even though onboarding videos look beneficial to your business, it does not mean that you can apply them carelessly.

You need to make onboarding videos that are accessible for your new customers.

It’s crucial to seriously think about where you will put your onboarding.

Here is some onboarding videos’ placement that you can do:

Featuring Your Videos on the Homepage

If you got new customers and already sign up on your website, greet them with special messages videos.

Consider them as distinguished guests coming to your house. It’s essential to greet them warmly so they can stay longer.

This video will give them a brief of what they will get after sign up. Also, it will impress them that your brand cares for each customer that makes them stick for a longer time.

Put Your Videos on FAQ Page

Instead of wasting time by writing Q&A, you can simplify by making onboarding videos by putting common questions with answers.

You can make it simple animation/design or involve a member team in answering the questions.

Answer it directly to the point with simple and understandable words.

This way helps your new customers get more information about your products in a short time. It shows them that you have done research well and understand what they need.

Onboarding videos that address customers’ questions can also increase the credibility of your business.

Direct Messages on Social Media

Social media plays a big role in digital marketing, especially if you target a younger crowd. You can use this to build engagement with them.

Through the direct message, you can send them videos about your services/feature’s products or exclusive content.

With all the information above, hopefully, this article can help you practice onboarding videos. So, prepare a pen and notes, explore various ideas for videos, discuss with your team and start making it. Good luck!

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