Why Online Shoppers Are 180% More Likely to Buy Products with an Explainer Video

The growth of e-commerce in the past decade is astounding. eMarketer expects retail e-commerce sales will increase to $4.058 trillion in 2020. The rapid growth of the e-commerce world has led to an increase in the demand for product animated explainer videos.

These videos used to be a “nice-thing-to-have” in your website/online store a few years ago, but they have made it clear that they are here to stay now.

That is because explainer clips help e-commerce businesses reach their customers in a more efficient way.

Explainer videos focus on product and service.

Unlike copywriting, these video clips focus on the product you’re selling. Copywriting, on the other hand, requires a few paragraphs to build the right momentum for pitching your product.

With that said, the core element that makes an explainer video great is the script. To write a compelling script for your explainer, you need to pay attention to these 6 details:

You can read more about proven tips that we have used in making thousands of explainer scripts here.

Explainer clips make people stay longer in your online store.

A custom-tailored product video increases the average time-on-page rate as it encourages your viewers to keep watching. That builds your website’s credibility in the eyes of search engines.

But just a better on-page time doesn’t mean better conversion.

An explainer video needs to make use of the time your viewers spend watching it. That is why you need to properly prepare the script, like we’ve talked about in the header above.

Another thing that you should know about explainers is that the longer they are, the more viewers will quit watching them.

Our latest study on the connection between an explainer video’s duration and viewer retention rate shows that on average, clips that are ≤ 60 seconds retain the most attention at 77%.

The retained attention percentage decreases as videos grow longer in duration. Past the two-minute mark, animated videos only get watched 47% of their total duration.

This shows that an explainer, while it encourages visitors to stay on your website longer, still has limitations in its viable length before it loses viewers’ attention completely.

Assuming you write a great script with everything you need to tell about your product, your explainer video will retain visitors’ attention for just the right amount of time and deliver a better sales pitch.

In fact, shoppers who watch an explainer before making a purchase are 1.81 times more likely to complete their purchase.

Explainers help your visitors know your product better.

As the name suggests, an explainer video is a video that describe the details of a product that your visitors will not understand quickly if the details are written or shown using a thumbnail.

Online shopping experiences are great for most of your audience. They browse the Internet for trusted websites that sell the product they want, they pay for it, and they wait comfortably for it to arrive at their doorsteps.

The only thing lacking here is that they don’t get to touch and feel the stuff they are about to buy online to make sure it’s to their liking.

This is where a product explainer video steps in as the matchmaker between a customer and your product.

Sure, product photos and descriptions provide greater detail about the product, but they offer a two-dimensional experience.

You shouldn’t make it hard for your customers to experience the product they want to buy. It’s their decision, but you get to shape the final outcome of that decision.

If your customer makes a purchase after watching an explainer video, that means your clip has appealed to the right target audience and has presented your product to meet their criteria.

The question is: How do you achieve that?

Well, after years of knee-deep adventures in producing explainers I’ve learned a couple of important crucial factors that must be addressed for an explainer to qualify as “awesome.”

I’ve written in greater detail about these essential factors for writing a great explainer video script. Read more about them here.


Every e-commerce company needs an animated video, for several reasons. Mainly, though, it’s because explainer videos keep visitors’ attention for longer, while at the same time delivering more information about your products.

Ultimately, an explainer for an e-commerce business helps your visitors know your product better while compelling them to make a purchase.

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