Creating Teaser Videos for Upcoming Products or Services

Spark the audience’s curiosity and get feedback about your upcoming products or services with teaser videos

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As a marketer, promoting your upcoming products or services sometimes can be a difficult task.

With endless promotions from other companies, you need to make sure that your promotion strategies stand out from competitors.

That’s why you need to find new, fresh and innovative strategies to accomplish that purpose.

As an internet user, you may realize that video has become a favorite content nowadays.

Video is considered a powerful tool to grab audience attention even 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

Seeing its popularity, you need to make sure that you don’t get your business left behind.

When we talk about videos for promoting upcoming products or services, we talk about teaser videos.

Teaser videos are short advertisement videos with various formats like film, music, or text excerpt without giving too much information or details about the products or services.

The purpose is to spark the curiosity of the audience about new products or services before they launch on the market.

By creating a teaser video, you’ll be able to:

#1. Spark Your Audience’s Curiosity

If you love watching music videos on YouTube or are a big movie fan, teaser videos are definitely not a foreign thing for you. Like this one:

Many musicians and film agencies nowadays upload teaser videos before they release their music videos or movies as their promotion strategy.

They believe that teaser videos are an effective tool to spark their fans’ curiosity.

The more fans are curious about their new music or movies, the more views they will get when they launch the real “work.”

Not only for the music and or movie industry, but teaser videos can also be useful for accomplishing brand marketing purposes too.

However, you still need to be attentive when applying this strategy. Remember that you only need to show one or two pieces of information about your upcoming products or services.

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Play with words or taglines that can make your audience more curious about them. Make it short and use some beautiful colors or designs to make it more attractive.

Make sure you share them on many platforms like your website, social media, video-sharing platforms, or others that can be found easily by your audience.

The more the audience views your teaser videos, the more attention you get when they launch on the market.

#2. Boost Your Conversion Rates

Video, in general, is indeed helpful to boost your conversation rate even by up to 80%.

If you want to boost your conversion rate, you need to make sure that you make the best quality teaser video.

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You also need to find the right platform to share them. The right platform will make you get closer with your audience that also will benefit you a lot on launching day.

Remember to choose the platform that fits your audience.

For example, if your audience is millennials, you can upload your teaser videos on social media like Instagram or Twitter.

Social media is indeed a powerful platform to share your videos and get 48% more views.

That said, you still need to make sure that your videos’ duration fits these platforms’ requirements.

Instagram only allows you to upload videos with a duration of one minute or less.

So, if you want to share your videos on the platform, make it your video with the same duration or less.

#3. Getting Feedbacks From Your Audiences

On your new products launching day, you can’t expect that your products are already perfect or get purchased by many people immediately.

You still need to do some evaluation to make sure that you’re not missing anything before the launching day.

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Remember that your products are created for your audience.

That’s why you need to involve your audience to make sure that your products fit their needs.

Their feedback is your precious information to improve your product’s quality.

With teaser videos, you can get feedback based on their reaction either from its view, comments, or subscribers number.

Gather all their feedback and pick some that are helpful for your videos.

Then, you can do improvements by adding some details or cutting unnecessary parts on the videos.

Not only to improve the quality of your videos but also the feedback you get will make your audience think that your company is respectful.

However, their good reaction will affect a lot on the profit you will get on launching day.

There are four benefits you will get if you incorporate teaser videos for your marketing strategy.

Teaser videos are effective tools to help you get maximum results on your marketing strategy. But, you need to make sure that you pay attention to the details to prevent any mistakes that can ruin your videos.

Here’s an example of a teaser video we created for ONVU Learning:

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