Why You Need Interactive Videos For Your Marketing Strategy

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Video has proven to have an incredibly high ROI in marketing, as well as in cross-enterprise use cases.

But, what if your marketing videos aren’t bringing you the results you’ve been longing for? Probably because it’s not interactive enough to engage your target audience.

At this point, you might ask: what do you mean “not interactive enough?”

That’s what this article is for.

We’ll walk you through the power associated with interactive videos, tips, and tools.

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Interactive Videos: Why You Should Care?

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Well, of course, you should.

Interactive videos can engage your audience much more effectively compared to any other type of video.

That’s because interactive videos provide a two-way conversation, giving you access to even more video engagement data while promoting product and directly driving revenue.

So, instead of being passive viewers in front of the screen, your target audience can directly participate in your content.

That makes them feel involved and valued. And that kind of experience makes watching your video more fun and easier to remember as well.

It should come as no surprise if a video with interactive call-to-actions can increase conversion rates from 2x to 10x. Are you not convinced yet? Here are some crucial numbers on the statistics you should care about:

  • Interactive videos a doubled conversion compared to any other passive content.
  • More than 88% of marketers say interactive content help them differentiates them from their competitors
  • 93% of marketers said interactive content was more effective at educating the viewers than just 70% for passive content.
  • Interactive content generates up to 4–5x more views than passive content.
  • Over 91% of B2B consumers prefer to watch interactive content to learn about the product or service.

3 Common Purposes of Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are pretty much versatile. You can add some interactive buttons to your videos for a variety of purposes and make it more impactful and engaging.

We’ll break down some of them:

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Interactive videos are definitely an ideal medium for learning purposes. It’s a light-hearted and easy way to deliver any crucial information or topic to the learners.

That’s why interactive videos can make online learning more enjoyable.

When learners have a chance to participate actively, they can retain all the content much better.

The interactive video also allows learners to choose their learning path according to their interest and learning pace.

Recruitment and Training

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Online recruiting has now become mainstream. Everyone can apply their application for specific jobs and even have an interview process online.

And to make your recruiting campaigns go extra miles, it’s always better to include interactive videos.

It will give the candidates to get more convinced in applying for your company.

It can also help them remember the recruitment process.

Therefore, interactive videos can help you to get the top candidates as more job-seekers are interested in applying in a one-of-a-kind, engaging recruitment format.

Customer Experience

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Today, customers are getting pickier about marketing content they want to consume before purchasing a product. But, interactive videos can win them all.

Interactive videos are a great medium to deliver an engaging brand experience that builds a personal and emotional connection.

Providing interactive videos where your potential customers have a memorable experience can increase their purchase intention.

In fact, 80% of customers say they are more likely to purchase a brand that provides them with a personalized experience.

Simple Ways to Use Interactive Videos

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At this point, you might be wondering what interactive videos look like?

There are a bunch of tools that can make it easier to create interactive videos. And remember, your remember doesn’t have to be fancy just to be effective.

There are still some handy and simple ways to include interactive elements to it. In this section, we have examples for you.

  • Clickable video. This is probably the most common one. You can utilize hotspots and include clickable buttons in a video. These buttons can direct viewers to websites, landing pages, or e-commerce profiles.
  • Shoppable video. By watching this video alone, potential customers will make a purchase without having to leave the page.
  • Pdf in the video. You can allow the viewers to download or open a pdf while you’re watching a video. They can continue watching it if they close the pdf file.
  • Pop-ups. You can also trigger a pop-up inside your video (avoid to include it in the middle of the video to make it less intrusive). With the pop-up, you can ask for their email for a newsletter, download ebooks, or even watch another video.

Interactive Videos: The Best Practices

Not every interactive video can bring you maximum results. In this case, you need to spend some effort to make it working properly. Here are some handy tips you can try to spice up your interactive video production.

  1. Make it multi-device friendly. Your viewers don’t always use their laptops to watch your interactive video. So, make sure you make it accessible for both desktop and mobile devices.
  2. Make it simple but engaging. There’s a chance that your viewers won’t have experienced an interactive video before, so you’ll need to make sure they understand how to take part in the content. You can create the interactive video as simple as possible so they can adapt quickly.
  3. Focus on storytelling. Responding to interactive elements could be a chore for viewers if you don’t make it interesting and kind of “force” them to play. It’s best if you offer them a narrative-driven story to engage them
  4. Don’t forget to test your approach. It will help you to prevent any costly mistakes later on in the design and development process.
  5. Give your viewers a choice. Don’t push the viewers to interact with your content. You better give them the option of whether they want to play or skip it.

That’s been a quick walkthrough to interactive videos. You can check our other post: 5 Reasons Why You Should Create Interactive Videos for a more in-depth explanation.

So, have your brand used interactive videos to appeal to your audience? Let me know in the comment section below!

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