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Learning about health and medicine is known to be very difficult and challenging. I mean, look at the journeys of doctors in getting their medical license!

Four years of med school plus a minimum of 3 years of residency training, then congratulations, you’re now officially an MD.

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What if you want to be a surgeon? Heart specialist? OBGYN? Or any other specialist training will require another few years of study. Then you have to build up your popularity and name so that you have patients to treat.

Bless anyone who has completed that very long journey, the rest of us will forever be grateful to you.

From personal experience, I know for a fact the life that comes after med school does not come in handy. Some may say that studying is probably the easiest part.

They often have to sacrifice their health to help others (referring to mealtimes, work and life balance, and many other factors).

Now for the rest of us that do not have the patience or the calling to be a doctor, we need to learn some kind of basic knowledge to keep ourselves healthy.

I am not expecting you to read medical student’s books.

But watching an explainer video should spark an interest?

Why Do We Need a Medical Video Explainer?

The answer is: to explain things.

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But for real, explainer videos are intended to explain things to the public so that it’s easier to grasp.

In this context, we all know how difficult the medical world is so medical explainer videos are intended to make the medical world easier to understand.

Doctors might also benefit from medical explainer videos, in case they need a quick and simple explanation of a symptom they might need a refresher on.

Many people expect doctors to memorize every single book they have ever read word by word, but the reality is that they’re also human.

What Can You Expect As a Content?

The content of each video will vary depending on what the company decided as the purpose of the video.

However, you can expect the purpose of the video will either be to educate or to promote a product, in some cases it can be both. For videos that are made for training purposes, it might have a longer duration time compared to other videos.

The video below is an example of a medical explainer video, where its purpose is to educate people about menopause. It also prompts people that need more information to head to their website where more details will be explained.

The video below is another example of a medical explainer video, but its focus is to promote the service of a business.

Who Needs Medical Explainer Videos?

Let me give you an example case to relate to. Lately, there’s this big fuss about the Coronavirus outbreak.

In some countries, people start bulk buying household products, especially cleaning products, just to prevent themselves from having to go outside and expose themselves to the risk of being infected by the virus.

Look at Australia that fights over toilet paper. Yes, the news is not being overdramatic and I did manage to confirm if it is as bad as what the news said.

They also stock up on cleaning chemicals up to the point where supermarket shelves are empty.

Supermarket chains are sending out apology emails for the shortage and start putting a limit on their customers’ purchase for particular items so that it is still accessible for the elderly and people at a higher risk.

Another example, look at Indonesia. They might not fight over toilet paper, but it seems that sugar is highly in demand. I can vouch for this myself because I have spent the last 3 weeks looking for sugar every time I walk past a supermarket with no luck.

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When the situation is as desperate as that, any update about the virus will be crucial for a lot of people.

And when you see information on the internet that can be beneficial to you and your loved ones, am I wrong to assume that most people will share it with their friends and family?

Companies and hospitals that are selling products and services related to the virus will benefit from releasing a video relating their product on how it can help the public.

The public can also benefit from health videos because it sheds a light to this unknown virus that everyone is so scared of.

How To Make Sure Your Video Leaves An Impression

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Ensuring your video leaves an impression helps your business to get free advertising. This is achieved by the public’s ability to share videos through social media platforms. Before you know it, your products/services will be widely known by the public.

Here are some things you need to consider to make sure your video leaves a memorable impression:

Emotional Value

Being emotional is not always bad, especially in business. If you’re targeting moms, mentioning words that involve their family will definitely hit the sweet spot.

Moms will always want the best for their families. If you’re targeting teenagers, you might want to reconsider by mentioning something that involves friends, social lives, and the future. Things are more memorable if people feel like they can relate.

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Best Video Style

If you’ve read our previous posts you’ll know that there is more than one video style that exists in the digital marketing world.

If you want to introduce branding opportunities like introducing a new product, it won’t make sense to use whiteboard animation, where the shape and looks of your product are not being showcased. But that particular video style is very effective for education purposes.

If you’re interested in creating animated explainer videos for your healthcare business, here are some best styles you should consider using:

Keep It Simple

Make it simple, but significant. When you try to express too much information in a short period of time, your audience will lose focus and none of your messages will get across.

Medical terms are already hard enough to understand and can be very boring. So, keep it simple and engaging.

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Not only will your audiences thank you for not wasting your time, but your audiences will also retain most of your video content if you make it short but informative.

If your video is too long, people will start getting bored, start skipping, and before you know it the main message of the video will be lost.

You might be lucky if they read the comments and a saint decided to summarize your video for you.

Let us know if we’re missing anything in the comment box down below!

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