Why You Need a YouTube Outro for Your Videos

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Who doesn’t watch YouTube videos nowadays? Nobody.

As a marketer yourself, you must know that this second-largest search engine worldwide has now become a potential marketing channel.

It’s an ideal place to host your marketing videos for free and get more awareness in no time.

But, with a lot of competition out there, users and viewers have such limitless options of videos they want to watch on the platform. That’s why they become pickier than ever.

To stand out from the crowd, you can start by creating an intro and outro for your YouTube videos.

We’ve talked about the YouTube intro quite a bit on our page before: Create Your YouTube Intros.

Now, it’s time to break down YouTube outro, its significance for your YouTube videos, and how you can create ones seamlessly.

Let’s dive in!

YouTube Outros: Digging Through Concept

First of all, what is a YouTube outro video?

Simply put, it’s a short clip that many creators add at the end of their videos to put call-to-action or simply just to show their business logo.

And the duration of it is mostly between 5 to 10 seconds after the video's main topic has been all delivered. Any more than that, and people may click away.

More often than not, just like an intro, a YouTube outro gives you a signature to cement your brand in the viewer’s memory.

To make it more engaging and memorable, many creators also invest in audio or background music so that it can complement the outro visuals.

Below is an example of a YouTube outro that we always add at the end of all our videos:

Why Do You Need a YouTube Outro?

We’ve mentioned it slightly above. YouTube outros help your viewers to get even more closer to your brand.

If YouTube intros can make the viewers know who you are in seconds, the YouTube outro helps them remember you.

But, of course, it’s so much more than that, though.

Below are some of the best reasons why you should consider creating a YouTube outro for your videos:

Adds a Professional Touch

The YouTube outro is such an ideal medium to show the viewers that you have a professional brand.

It makes them even more convinced why they need to invest in your business.

In other words, adding both intros and outros can make your YouTube videos more trustworthy.

It tells your viewers that you take your YouTube marketing seriously. Of course, we talk about the ones that well-crafted here.

Helps You Gain More Views

See the example from our YouTube outro above? We added an end card that featured another relevant video on our channel.

It only takes one click for the viewer to see another one of our videos.

It means that YouTube outro offers you a time and place to show your other videos and make them more clickable for the viewers.

As a result, you can increase your YouTube viewers for sure.

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Retains the Viewers Better

YouTube outros provide you with a distinct sign-off that can help your viewers establish a solid connection with your brand.

Your viewers will also be more likely to remember your content and your brand in the long-term because they have better retention.

So, it’s safe to say that putting extra effort into creating a professional YouTube outro can showcase your brand identity, leaving a long-lasting impression on your viewers.

Connects to Your Social Media Profiles

From Instagram to Facebook, you include all your social media profiles and encourage the viewers to visit or follow them in your YouTube outro.

It provides the viewers a chance to explore your social profiles seamlessly.

By strategically placing social media profiles, you can gain more traffic to your social media sites as well as boost your follower count.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Do you know that YouTube can also be a potential source to drive more people to visit your website?

Yes, if you’re using an outro.

Other than your social handles, you can also put your website link in your YouTube outro.

Whether you include the website link to your visual or put it on an annotation, viewers will notice it easily.

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Online YouTube Outro Maker

Thanks to the internet, now you can create your own YouTube outros online. These software or video tools below will help you out to do that:


The first popular software available to create a stunning YouTube intro is Renderforest.

This tool allows you to make a custom YouTube outro in a couple of clicks with their professional ready-made templates.

All you need to do is to sign up, pick a template, customize, and export it to your devices. Easy, right?


Visme’s outro has a variety of animated outro design templates ready to customize for any type of video, including your YouTube videos.

It has drag and drops features to help you create great designs even without any design skills or experience.


Besides its ability to create stunning YouTube thumbnails, Canva is also a powerful tool for creating a powerful YouTube outro.

There are a bunch of unique and trendy templates for a wide variety of industries.

What’s more, you can create and download as many videos as you like without any watermarks.


Snappa spoils you with 5,000,000+ high-res and royalty-free stock photos from their vast library to create a killer YouTube outro.

If you want to go for a very simple yet intriguing YouTube outro, this tool can be your go-to.

It also provides you with professionally-designed YouTube end screen templates to throw together an eye-catching YouTube outro in a matter of seconds.

That’s been a quick guide to YouTube outro videos. Now you understand why those short clips at the end of your videos are essential for closing content in a memorable way.

However, to ensure it works well and brings you the best results, you need to create it engagingly and professionally.

Breadnbeyond is ready to help you create a professional YouTube outro with such an affordable budget.

So, you can get the professional-looking YouTube outro without burning a hole in your pocket.

You can contact us here.

Anyway, have you added outro on your YouTube videos? Or do you have any tips in creating a stunning YouTube outro that you want to share with other fellow marketers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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